Car Seat Gap Filler Organizer Side Seam Plug Filling Strip Auto Seat Crevice Storage Box Interior Decoration Multifunction

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1. Universal seat gap filler fits 99% of vehicles and is suitable for both left and right seats due to the elastic material used.

2. Fill the gap between the car seat and the center console, leak-proof padding strip can prevent water bottles, lighters, cell phones, and cards from sliding into the gap.

3. Padded with PU material, odorless, comfortable to touch and durable.

4. Designed with holes, the gap filler strip does not cover the seat belt buckle, that is, you can use the seat belt normally.

5. 4 cm thick elastic strip, after installation can be perfectly integrated into the gap.


1. Material. PU

2. Quantity. 1 piece / 1 pair According to your option

3. Color: black

4. Function: Fill in the seat gaps

5. Compatibility. Universal